Our Ministries 

Our ministries are an important and integral part of our church community. Regardless of your life status, i.e. Child, young adult, single, or married, there is a ministry designed for you.  Please review our ministries and consider becoming an active member of our community of faith.

Singles Ministry

The vision of the Singles’ Ministry is to continue to live a life of purity until God unites us as one with a mate that he ordains for our lives.   It is our mission to glorify God in all we do, to create and maintain a loving atmosphere in an effort to develop spiritual growth through bible study, evangelism, fellowship, prayer, social event, and worship.

Men's Ministry: The Male Factor

The men of Solid Rock Church of Mandarin are taught how to fulfill their God-ordained roles as leaders in their homes and communities.    The men are also given the opportunity to fellowship and bond with other Christian men during special events and outings.  

Youth Ministry- Chain Breakers for Christ

  The Solid Rock Youth Ministry exists to help our youth realize the power that Jesus Christ has made available to all and to understand their identity in HIM.  In partnership with parents, the ministry purposes to:
-Impart the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
-Foster a greater family commitment to raising up Godly young men and women!

Praise and Worship Ministry

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, train, and direct those whom God has called into the music ministry with a spirit of service, excellence, sensitivity, purity, humility and strength. As one body unified with a spirit of excellence, the praise worshippers lead others into God’s divine presence through thanksgiving, praise and worship. 

 Excellent Women Excel (EWE)Ministry

Our purpose is to live a Christian life guided by the principles and teachings of the bible as the focus of women’s lives today.  The ministry is a beckon light for women in need of emotional and spiritual support by a shoulder, a listening ear or a helping hand.


Usher Ministry

Our purpose is to create an atmosphere of genuine welcome and concern for all entering our doors. We seek to ensure order in God's house so that the presence of the Lord will enter.  An effective usher demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit (as described in Galatians 5:22-23) in both the ministry and in daily life. As we serve the Lord with gladness in our own lives, we likewise serve those entering into His sanctuary.